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Peace Idea Name : This is how I choose to spell Wwoarrr
Peace Idea Number : 1
Peace Idea launch date : 6th Feb 2008
Who Can Use This Peace Idea? : Anyone who can spell and/or write.
How Much Does It Cost? : FREE
Comments on this idea can be submitted & viewed here : www.farishde.blogspot.com

How Does This Idea Work? :

The basic concept is that we dont have to blindly accept everything our ancestors have blindly passed down to us.

In this case, I believe we 'can' all individually choose how we spell a word that means so many different things to so many different people.

From this day forward, I will spell wwoarrr with an o, two extra r's and one extra w. I've personally chosen to spell this word this way because;

  • I have come to the conclusion that the act of violence to get what you want is stupid and something that looks uncivilised and feels wrong, therefore I chose a way of spelling (it) that resembles this.

  • One day, while trying to understand why so many people around me believed violence was their only alternative, I wondered why? I thought, perhaps these people have never been exposed to ideas of non-volience? Then I wondered why this is? Then I wondered maybe it's because there isn't enough information in the public domain about peaceful ideas or people?

    Then I thought about Nelson Mandela. I wondered how anyone who understands what this man did could ever think violence was ok.

    Then I wondered why a women who shares the last name of a major hotel chain is so well known and gets so much media publicity?

    Then I wondered, maybe its becuase there is lots of information about this women in the public domain?

    Then out of curiousity, I decided to do a web search for both Nelson Mandela and this woman.

    I was amazed, shocked and momentarily demoralised by the results below.

    Then I wondered, what if a kid did a similar search for two other words like PEACE and W*R
    (where * is A). The results are below.

    Why I Love this idea : This idea is free.

    It will allow anyone to peacefully demonstrate daily their desire for something different.

    It will allow people to non-violently demonstrate to the world that they have thought about violence and it's use in society.

    It will give businesses (small and large), governments, individuals, schools, universities, faith based organisations, authors and artists an opportuntity to demonstrate their unique and well thought-out stance on violence.

    We will all be able to think more deeply about our own definition of wwoarrr and how we want to spell/use it in the future. Its crucial that we each decide on the spelling and use of this word. For example, a mother who lost a child due to wwoarrr will have a very different opinion of it to someone who only knows it through playing a video game. A soldier who watched his/her friend die in his arms will think differently of wwoarrr to someone whose economic sustainability relies on the sale of bullets. etc etc etc etc

    It doesn't stop anyone from spelling/using this word the old fashioned way. If someone isn't ready to think about this issue, they can simply pretend they haven't heard about this idea.

    My dream is for my children to never get into trouble for spelling this word any way they want.

    This idea is measurable via a simple webpage search for W*r (where * is A) and peace anytime by anyone with access to the internet. Or you can keep track of this idea via our blog here. If more people choose to spell this world differently and/or choose to use peace more often, peace will win out.

    Please note : I'm Australian therefore appreciate not everyone in the world speaks Australian, so if you speak another language feel free to change the way 'your' ancestors chose to spell/use this word.

    On a brighter note, before you let anyone give up on the overwhelming goodness of humanity, feel free to do a similar internet search for two other words, "Love" and "Hate".


    Comments on this idea can be submitted & viewed here : www.farishde.blogspot.com

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