The story so far..why? how? who? when?

A child decided one day to throw a pebble into the water, the child doesn't know why...it just sounded like fun. The child must first find something to throw.

Soon the child wants to throw something really big into the water. The bigger the thing, the bigger the splash....BUT the heavier to lift and harder to handle. This is when the child needs friends to help lift and throw. The child eventually looses interest in the size, sound and chaos of the splash.

Tired, the child pauses, breathes still & stares over the water.

The child watches as perfectly relentless rings grow gracefully and calmly out from the old splash, some going away but the exact same rings coming directly towards.

Scared, this child wonders "did i do that?..or was it the rock, water or splash?"
Curious, this child wonders "what if the line between land and water wasn't there?..would the perfect rings keep going forever?"
Excited, this child wonders "who, where and how would these rings touch if they kept going forever?"


Salamgdayshalom:) My name is Phil, as you will see I'm NOT a web designer. The media in my country have a reputation for labeling people who look like me "ethnic of middle eastern appearance". I live in a small beach side suburb called Cronulla, 40 minutes drive from Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city, Sydney.

On the 11th December 2005 'my' country changed forever. To learn what happened on this day;

99 days after these riots, I sent my friends a email, to read this click here.

This site is my personal response and promise to all I have silently observed, learnt and wanted since that day. This site will become the place I wish I knew about on the 12th December 2005.

This site is not a plea for anyones pity or sympathy for the 'one' day my human rights were threatened.

In the past, I thought being a good enough citizen was someone who apathetically presumed governments, elders, the community, philosophers and my UN representive knew how to prevent, counter and resolve basic human rights issues.

Anything that comes from this site is my personal plea for forgiveness, for all the times in the past I knew sections of my country and humanity were being threatened, but did nothing.

The mission of this site is to allow any Australian or non-Australian the feeling of pride, safety and acceptance while exploring a globe or nearby suburb. This is something I unfortunately took for granted while growing up.

Anytime someone thinks about Cronulla, Sydney or Australia. We want them to see the Australians we see every day, who are taught that diversity, tolerance and the ability to make mistakes is what makes them strong, resilient, unique and proud.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what it means to be classified a 'good enough Australian'.
My personal hope for this site, is to show a few humans that being a 'good enough <insert your nationality here>' is no longer a matter of simply;

not punching someone in the head who doesn't sound or look like you.
not punching someone in the head who thinks differently to you.
not punching someone in the head who lives in a different suburb to you.
not doing anything.

That goes for you, YES you! The media, politicians, policy makers, businesses, faith based organizations, parents, schools, individuals, retirement homes, mothers groups etc etc etc

This site is not interested in those stuck in the past or those reliant on hate and/or fear to reinforce a sense of identity.

This site is only interested in exploring, celebrating, promoting and encouraging those strong individuals, businesses and organizations who make me proud to be human.

farishde is not the child or the pebble
farishde is not the splash or the wave
farishde is not the water or the shore

farishdeTM "Farrr-ishh-de" hopes to be the spot on the shore where the best rocks and friends of all colors, shapes and sizes can be found, left, polished, lifted and peacefully launched.


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