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Date Sent: 20th March 2006

Subject : I also love black people, the French, Christians, Melbourne, Jews, gay people and even Asians....

Dear Friends

As some of you may know, this Tuesday the 21st March (yep tomorrow) is Harmony day.

And as some of you may also be aware, I live very proudly in Cronulla. The actions of a few Australians on and after Sunday 11 Dec 2005, made me feel embarrassed and very angry.

The fact is - if I was home that Sunday and felt like going for run, there would of been 5000 naive Australians who would of tried to stop me.

As an Australian this was and still is incomprehensible to me.

The next morning, out of frustration and in silent protest, I promised myself I would run around and through Cronulla daily for the next 100 days, rain, hale or shine. I did this to show those who hate the colour of my beautiful brown skin OR those who think they hate me for where I choose to live, that neither group of Australians will EVER deserve my fear.

Sure I was curious to see what would happen. As well you maybe? But I'm glad and bemused to report the following incidents.

Day 7 (first Sunday after the riots) - Some guy at a BBQ with the Australian flag hanging in a window and surrounded by his mates yells out "don't you think you're on the wrong side of the tracks?".

Hardly scary, brave or witty. More like a line from a bad 1970's B grade movie.

Day 46 (Australia Day) - Some guy on the road surrounded by his mates yells out "run faster run faster....you run like a girl!"

This is probably true, as my friends know I am a bit of a girl, sometimes.

Day 57 - Small group of young local looking girls wolf whistled me.

Day 63 - Another group of local girls wolf whistled me.

Besides these four incidents and a few confused/cautious glances, it was honestly pretty boring. OK so let me break this down for you. Over the 99 days Ive been running I got two negative comments, which I would of got before December 11Th anyway. However, I got two wolf whistles which I have never had before in Cronulla.

Therefore, I'm up
- 2 (two) wolf whistles.
- buns you can crack walnuts with.
- the realisation that politicians are simplistic. They lack tact, imagination, foresight and the skill of diplomacy. And that we should not rely on them for answers when it comes to issues greater than the trains running 5 minutes late.
- a liberating mistrust of commercial media in Sydney.
- Lots of time to think of a few bonza ideas on how to improve the situation (more on that another time)

As my very eclectic friends, I would like to invite you to walk with me on my last day, which just so happens to be Harmony day. I will be starting from Cronulla Park at 6:45pm sharp then walking to North Cronulla (Marine Esp) and then back again through the mall to end in Cronulla park. The walk should take aprox 40 min?

That's it. I'm just walking, its not a protest march. In fact, straight after the walk Ive gotta get home, change and go do some dancing and romancing in the city :) I have three seats available if anyone wants a lift back into town.

I have purposely left this email to the last minute because I want this to be a spontaneous act on your part. I do understand if you cant make it, for whatever reason. Please don't feel like you have to respond to this email if you cant come. I do understand.

Of course if you want to bring any friends with a peaceful spirit, invite em to walk with you.

If you cant make it tomorrow, feel free to check out Cronulla some other time, no matter what you look like, wear on your head or believe to be true.

After all, its not only your right to come to Cronulla anytime you want, I strongly believe it's now your obligation in a free and peaceful country.

Lucky Phil

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