farishde.com is a non-violent experiment into the power, profitability and potential of human cooperation and peace building ideas.



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Until then, feel free to checkout this old site.

farishde.com hopes to offer a calm place where individuals, businesses and organizations (big, small and huuuge) can do a lot more than nothing or take sides in any conflict.

"out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing, there is a field.
I will meet you there."

Muhammad Jalal al-Din al-Balkhi al-'Rumi'
Muslim mystic and poet
Born 1207, Afghanistan

We hope to offer a safe place for these brave people to build relationships, find information and inspiration with people of different faiths, social standing and levels of influence within any community, country or planet.

Our success will depend on our ability to work with all parts of any community, however, farishde is not and will never be funded by or managed by any political, religious or government organization.

We believe in peace for all, regardless of race, language, location on the planet or level of wealth. We hope to offer options to those who have been taught none.

Our mission is to make peace optional, profitable, relevant, achievable and fun. We aren't here to convert anyone to our way of thinking. We do however hope to offer the children, brothers and sisters of those stuck in a cycle of hate, fear or apathy, the option of more. We believe when humans can stop worrying about being bashed, bombed, isolated, marginalized or killed, we will all have more time and energy to safely resolve other annoying little issues, like;

  • a cure for cancer
  • a cure for global warming
  • a cure for aids
  • a cure for child slavery
  • a cure for world poverty
  • a cure for declining mental health
  • a cure for violence against women and children
  • a cure for youth suicide
  • etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

We hope to make the term 'world peace' available to all and not just those following a faith once a week, trying to become Miss Universe OR stuck in a cloud of smoke from the 60's. We look forward to the day when advertising/marketing terms such as 'peace proud' are as relevant and profitable as 'Eco', 'bio' or 'environmentally friendly'.

Our competitors will be those who rely on conflict, hate, fear, violence, deception and ignorance to profit in anyway.
Our partners will be those who rely on love, peace, integrity, creativity and understanding to profit in anyway.
Our customers will be brilliant, brave, impatient, powerful, ridiculously good looking and aware of their impact on things around them...they scream the loudest when a spider is found but scream even louder coming up with ideas on how to bravely capture and release this spider outside. You know who you are.
Our main mission is to prove to 'everyone' that a mixture of peace, understanding, innovation, free enterprise, creativity and harmony can be profitable, fun and worthwhile.

"Truth and nonviolence are not cloistered virtues
but applicable as much in the forum and the legislatures
as in the market place."

Therefore, please be aware, farishde.com is INTENTIONALLY and proudly NOT a charity or non-profit organization.

If one very passionate and committed human can be paid millions by very successful humans to be good at putting a small white ball into a slightly bigger hole, we will make enough profit to cover our costs and ensure our customer driven growth.

We will never ask you or anyone for a donation, of any size, EVER. There are many great charities and non-profit organizations around the world who deserve your obligation free donations more than this site.

We want the world to always know that the only reason we are here is because of the support of peace minded individuals all over the world who believe our message of peace (for everyone) is worth more than (anyones) pity.

Most of our activities will be free, however, when/if you enjoy our message or style, simply;
  1. Visit our farishde shop
  2. Buy something you normally buy from a company who can't declare its efforts for peace.
  3. Use our product PROUDLY & spread the peace if anyone asks.
If you ever think we could help each other, please contact us with your ideas or go to our ideas page for some suggestions.

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